Safe & Secure

With a value added approach and strategy, our investment risk
factors are kept low while our returns are higher
than industry standard.

Value Creation

We keep at the forefront the pledge of maximizing
value and returns for our clients,
community and city.

Strategic Focus

We have a clear, defined, strategic focus on one asset class,
which helps us keep a competitive advantage and lets us
recognize the nuances of that asset class.

What We Do

We identify and acquire real estate opportunities in Seattle’s urban growth areas using integrated and innovative development techniques to add value to these properties. With proven competencies in urban land, residential & multi-family development, we shape...Read More

Land Development

We identify and purchase raw land and maximize the value of that land by making it buildable for ourselves or for a local home builder.

Residential Development

Weprovide comprehensive, end-to-end development management ofsingle family and multi-Family homes.

“BDSB Northwest” is a joint venture between Ballard Development and Sandy Bay Development. Both are privately held land and residential development Companiesheadquartered in Seattle, Washington. Established in 1998, our goal, from the beginning has been the same.

“Follow our commitment to add value and quality to our clients, community and city”

We have never lost sight of that, and it remains at the forefront of our foundation. Our ambition to be the best is what inspires us, and our exclusive focus on the Seattle market, and knowing its nuances of market trends give us that advantage.

At the very core, we are an investment company utilizing real estate as our vehicle of choice to create impressive returns for our investors. With over 15 years in the industry, we bring the necessary experience and skills and have consistently shown the ability to generate maximum value while employing minimal risk. Our unique development strategy allows us to work with confidence and conviction knowing that we will maximize our opportunities to garner maximum return. In the world of real estate investing, you either add value or you hope the market adds value for you. Although we aim for both through experience and knowledge, we don’t simply wait around and hope the market does it for us. Our strategy adds value to our community, city and investors’ portfolios’.

You're partnering with experienced professionals, who will not only meet, but exceed, your investment expectations. We are a strategic, specialized entity with a clear awareness of our competencies. We have chosen to stay focused on where we make a difference and prefer to be excellent at a few things rather than average at many.